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Meet Kontikiflor

The dutch cutflower company

Bringing you the finest selections of Dutch cut flowers since 1992.

Kontikiflor was founded in 1992 by Gert-Jan and Willy Timmer. After having worked for renowned flower export companies for a while, the two brothers decided it was the right time to embark on their own flower distribution adventure. It didn’t take them long to establish a steady customer base within the Czech Republic, Slovakia, the US and Canada.
When Willy left the business in 1997, Gert-Jan continued with a focus on these specific markets. After the Czech Republic and Slovakia were admitted into the European Union, Kontikiflor started to increasingly target the US and Canada — markets in which the company has now become highly specialized — as well as serving a variety of large European clients. Today, Kontikiflor remains a family business that is capable of competing with some of the biggest international distributors in the business. According to founder Gert-Jan Timmer, Kontikiflor stands out because of its close-knit team, specialist vision and the constant drive to come up with better ways of doing things.
“With years of experience and a highly efficient logistics system in place, we are able to deliver your products safely and quickly to your doorstep.” -
Gert-Jan Timmer, CEO at Kontikiflor

The Kontikiflor vision

Think big, stay small

We believe in the power of the small business. As a small business ourselves, we can be there for you when you need us. Because keeping a clear overview of our products and services allows us to act quicker than most of our traditional competitors. By intentionally keeping our organization small, we can maintain productivity and efficiency and retain control over the entire distribution process.

Road to sustainability

At Kontikiflor, sustainability is always top of mind. Our team actively works towards making our products and services more eco-friendly. We continually source for more innovative and efficient ways of packaging and delivering our products. In everything we do, we like to make sure we keep our ecological footprint as small as possible.